La Bella Vita Ristorante

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About Us

For Italians, food is life, and life is food. Whenever families and friends gather to eat, the conversation centers on food, local cooking and the warmth of the dinner table.

At La Bella Vita we celebrate that passion for the good life and good food. As they do in Italy, we use only the freshest ingredients - with an emphasis on garden-grown vegetables and healthy olive oil - to prepare the same wonderfully flavorful centuries old dishes only Italians can make.

Service is engaging and generous here - the perfect place to surround yourself with the warmth of family and friends and the comfort of good food.
You don't have to live in Italy to live like an Italian. Just experience La Bella Vita and you'll enjoy the passion for the good life.

The Art of the Handcrafted Cocktail

Our mixologists are committed to crafting cocktails that display rich, vibrant, and unique flavor profiles using only the freshest juices, fruits, purees and hand-picked herbs. Each cocktail is hand-shaken to icy perfection and represents today’s culinary approach to the art of the cocktail.

Culinary Roots

Living and working as a cook in Italy, I was fortunate to experience wonderful food in all of the country's great regions. Some of the best and most memorable meals I had were in small villages and towns where fresh, vibrant ingredients are as close as the olive and apple trees in the back yard.

No matter where I went, my food experience was always the same, wonderfully simple yet delicious dishes made from time-honored recipes passed down through generations.